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New Home Sales & Marketing
Broker: California, Florida, Massachusetts
Sales & Marketing

Sales Management & Consulting

At City Walk Realty we deliver a full range of sales and marketing consulting and management services to help home builders sell more new homes. We take a broad look and apply data-driven analysis to your current sales and marketing efforts, using a combination of corporate and field resources to boost your sales. We can be as involved in your business as you want us to be.

We give you proven processes and exceptional results:

New home sales management by new home sales experts

Are sales and marketing putting you outside of your core competency? Does managing your company's sales and marketing weigh you down and distract from other critical issues? We are focused full-time on marketing and selling new homes. It's all we do, and we do it very well.

Market Research and Analysis

Whether you need new pricing, a better product mix, or a better alignment with what customers want to buy, our data-driven research and insightful analysis will help you understand how to start selling more new homes.

Stay in control

At City Walk Realty we know that sales and marketing are critical issues that cannot be completely delegated – we still expect our partners to maintain control and final approvals over their sales operations. We give you some extra tools in the toolbox to boost your sales, but you're still the boss of your business.

Single point of accountability

A partnership with City Walk Realty does not invite you to ignore or walk away from your sales concerns. Instead, it gives you the opportunity to take on a world-class partner who manages your sales and marketing and is accountable to you for results.

City Walk Realty has a full-time focus on marketing and selling new homes. Let us put our expertise and resources to work – analyzing, evaluating and solving the biggest sales challenges facing your business.

City Walk Realty

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